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Wafer Lock Tip

portland-locksmith-lockAs a professional locksmith technician it seem to me that any other skilled locksmith who is familiar with impressioning will have it easy when dealing with a wafer lock since these types of locks are the most easier ones to fit a first key to by doing impressioning. However, there are some types of…

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95 Altima Lockout

altima-lockout-portland-locksmithI got a call recently from a locksmith company I've been working with to open a 1995 Nissan Altima. Before I left for the job,  sense I haven't opened that type of vehicle before, I tried reading up on some opening tips in my tool opening manual that I had laying around. However,, the manual only sh…

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Volvo Lock Clip Removal Tip

After many years of experience in the locksmith field I found an easy way for removing the door lock retaining lock clip on a 1985 Volvo, Series 200 without removing the door panel. I'm assuming it might work on other model Volvos as well. On the edge of the door, in line with the lock cylinder, the…

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