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Hyundai Key Make

ignition-reno-locksmithWhen I started my locksmith career I noticed that when fitting a first key for a late 80's Hyundai models, the ignition plug can be pulled out of the housing and the wafers read with little to no difficulty at all. Using the back side of a diamond pick to raise and hold the nylon key buzzer activato…

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Nissan Ignition Lock

During my many years in the locksmith business, I received many job calls to replace a C-16 series Datsun and Subaru ignition locks with the X-7 and X-6 key-ways. The locks seem to stop working when the shoulder stop wears away and the key bottoms out past the proper space alignment. One I'm in the …

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Foreign Vehicles Ignition Tip

ignition-spokane-locksmithI that know that many experienced locksmith technicians before me have came up with different ways regarding a  removal of the break-a-way bolts on most foreign car ignitions. However, it seem to me I found a much quicker, simple and effective method to do the procedure  in a way that will allow to …

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