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Re-Key Tip

rekey-seattle-locksmithOne of the most common jobs a professional locksmith does during his years in the field is re-keying lock cylinders which the purpose of it is to prevent from the old key to work with the lock. Usually these re-key jobs will come from landlord that will have a new tenant moving to a house or an apar…

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DIY Safe

locksmith-reno-padlockI recently got a job from a locksmith company I am working with about a church in the area that were looking to put a locked box just outside the church, so some of the deacons will have an access to the church Master-Key. It seem like the person in charge for some reason didn’t want each one of the…

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Slim Jim Tips

locksmith-spokane-doorDuring the years I moved away from unlocking vehicles and houses with a Slim Jim tool. However, I do have one in my service vehicle just in case. There were few cases in my locksmith career where I had to use a Slim Jim to open a house even thou I acquired different types of tools to work with. Whe…

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Wafer Lock Tip

portland-locksmith-lockAs a professional locksmith technician it seem to me that any other skilled locksmith who is familiar with impressioning will have it easy when dealing with a wafer lock since these types of locks are the most easier ones to fit a first key to by doing impressioning. However, there are some types of…

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Mondeo Lockout Tip

locksmith-boise-ford-lockoutDuring my years as a professional locksmith technician, I rarely ran into European model vehicles made by American automobile manufacturers such as GM and Ford. However, one particular model I recall working on was the Ford Mondeo. When this vehicle first came out in Europe, it was equipped with a l…

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95 Altima Lockout

altima-lockout-portland-locksmithI got a call recently from a locksmith company I've been working with to open a 1995 Nissan Altima. Before I left for the job,  sense I haven't opened that type of vehicle before, I tried reading up on some opening tips in my tool opening manual that I had laying around. However,, the manual only sh…

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Hyundai Key Make

ignition-reno-locksmithWhen I started my locksmith career I noticed that when fitting a first key for a late 80's Hyundai models, the ignition plug can be pulled out of the housing and the wafers read with little to no difficulty at all. Using the back side of a diamond pick to raise and hold the nylon key buzzer activato…

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Nissan Ignition Lock

During my many years in the locksmith business, I received many job calls to replace a C-16 series Datsun and Subaru ignition locks with the X-7 and X-6 key-ways. The locks seem to stop working when the shoulder stop wears away and the key bottoms out past the proper space alignment. One I'm in the …

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Foreign Vehicles Ignition Tip

ignition-spokane-locksmithI that know that many experienced locksmith technicians before me have came up with different ways regarding a  removal of the break-a-way bolts on most foreign car ignitions. However, it seem to me I found a much quicker, simple and effective method to do the procedure  in a way that will allow to …

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Volvo Lock Clip Removal Tip

After many years of experience in the locksmith field I found an easy way for removing the door lock retaining lock clip on a 1985 Volvo, Series 200 without removing the door panel. I'm assuming it might work on other model Volvos as well. On the edge of the door, in line with the lock cylinder, the…

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Car Opening Tip

Nowadays I noticed that many newer model cars have so-called frame-less windows. Wedging the window like most locksmiths do in order to insert an opening tool to open a car door is risking breaking the window in this type of situation. The use of a wedge puts semi-high pressure along a narrow point …

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Lock Modification

Recently, I got a job from a customer who wanted a new deadbolt and a knob installed on her front door. It sounded easy like any other locksmith job of this type that I did before. The only different this time was that she wanted them installed low enough that she could open them in case she fell an…

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Broken Key Extraction


One of the more popular jobs you will get as a locksmith technician, will be a broken key extraction. Broken key extraction can be from a door lock of a home or car, trunk of a car, or even the ignition. On a job that I had recently, I called for a broken key extraction from a vehicle's ignition.

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Volvo Glove Box Lock

With all my years in the locksmith industry I've had much experience with 80's Volvos. I learned that these models have a particular style of glove box lock that has a tendency to fail unexpectedly. I will tell you about an easy way to remove the lock for replacement once they do fail. These particu…

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Accessing Safari and Astro Minivans

I'm sure many experienced technicians in the locksmith industry had some issues before when doing a lockout job for an Astro and Safari mini vans. These vehicles sometimes can be a little challenging to open sometimes from personal experience. However, I did found an easy way that will make a lockou…

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