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Slim Jim Tips

locksmith-spokane-doorDuring the years I moved away from unlocking vehicles and houses with a Slim Jim tool. However, I do have one in my service vehicle just in case. There were few cases in my locksmith career where I had to use a Slim Jim to open a house even thou I acquired different types of tools to work with. When I can’t pick a lock I usually find myself using a Slim Jim and I came up with a few tricks while doing so. I first go all around the house to see where would be the best possible way to get inside the house. I would usually look for outswing doors because these doors can usually be pushed in against the insulation seal in order to allow the deadlock on the latch to go into the strike. If that is the case, the door can usually be open with a screwdriver.

The next point of entry I usually would look for is at a sliding glass door that will usually be at the patio. Sometimes thou, a home owner will put a block of wood in order to have the door stuck from people trying to enter from outside. In this situation, this is when the Slim Jim usually comes into play. First, slightly part the doors with a wedge or a screw driver and the wood block can be moved out of the way. On an apartment door that will usually be an inswing door, I would usually use a flat screwdriver to separate the door stop from the frame in order to maneuver a Slim Jim through the crack. By pulling on the door, the weather strip will usually provide enough space allowing the deadlock to go inside the strike which will give the option to open the door using the Slim Jim

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