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Volvo Lock Clip Removal Tip

After many years of experience in the locksmith field I found an easy way for removing the door lock retaining lock clip on a 1985 Volvo, Series 200 without removing the door panel. I'm assuming it might work on other model Volvos as well. On the edge of the door, in line with the lock cylinder, there will be two screws to be found. These particular screws hold a box-type clip that keeps the lock cylinder in place. Usually, in order to remove the lock cylinder, the inner door panel would have to be removed and then remove the screws so the clip would be released, which would allow for the removal of the cylinder.  

portland-locksmith-volvoTo avoid going through all that hassle, I discovered that if you remove the the two screws and replace them with 4" long screws, the clip can be pushed off the cylinder. All that need to be done is to thread the screws in by a the longer using half a dozen or so turns, then using both thumbs on each screw, finally, the clip can be pushed off of the cylinder. The longer screws will hold the clip and keep it from falling into the door panel.

Since there are no connecting linkages attached to the cylinder, the cylinder will come out fairly easy for servicing. After servicing or generating a key, simply replace the cylinder grasp the two screws and pull the clip back in place. Now the longer screws would need to be removed and replaced with the originals. It seem much easier than removing the entire door panel. 

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