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Re-Key Tip

rekey-seattle-locksmithOne of the most common jobs a professional locksmith does during his years in the field is re-keying lock cylinders which the purpose of it is to prevent from the old key to work with the lock. Usually these re-key jobs will come from landlord that will have a new tenant moving to a house or an apartment, a customer who lost his keys and want a re-key done for his peace of mind, or a business owner who just laid off an employee and want a re-key done just to be on the safe side.

locksmith-seattle-rekeyWhen I’m doing these re-key jobs (especially when there are multiple locks involved) I learned that it is very helpful to use a label sticker in many ways that will help get the job done much easier. In an event where I got a job to do a 10 re-keys for example, labeling each lock as I finished re-keying actually helps to keep track of the locks that I did and other locks that needs to be done. In smaller jobs such as in residential home or apartments, in addition to the reminder, using the label stickers also insure the customer the lock has been re-keyed. On the label, I would usually have company information as well in case the customer would need additional work in the future.

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