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Lock Modification

Recently, I got a job from a customer who wanted a new deadbolt and a knob installed on her front door. It sounded easy like any other locksmith job of this type that I did before. The only different this time was that she wanted them installed low enough that she could open them in case she fell and couldn't get up. She was very old and had very bad arthritis. 

I did fresh installation for locks before, but the problem was in this case that the existing holes would still exist on the door once I will remove the old lock and knob. Even though there aren't any cases of breaking in the area, the setup would still make it easier to break the door open. I spent one day thinking on how to get the deadbolt unlocked and the latch retracted all while lying on the floor. I spend a day trying to find other solution to avoid removing the old locks leaving unattended holes and maybe make a use for the existing holes to install new locks, but with a trick that will help the elderly lady to open the door even if she fell down on the floor.  

deadbolt-spokane-washington-locksmith                                              lock-install-spokane-locksmith

This is what I did: I took a single cylinder deadbolt and drilled a hole through one end of the thumb turn, big enough to get a split ring through. I than took a short length piece of rope and tied one end to the ring. I drilled a hole in the center of a dowel rod through which I passed the rope and tied it off, to make a handle. The rope's length depends on how high the deadbolt is. For the knob: I installed a panic-proof grade 3 knob with a door handle adapter. I also assigned a rope with a handle on that too. I thought about using a "unit" lock on this door where timing the knob, or depressing the lever would unlock both latch and the deadbolt. However, this solution would have been much more expensive and out of the customer's budget, so I did what I had to do to find a solution within her budget, that will keep her happy, safe, and secure. 

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