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Broken Key Extraction


One of the more popular jobs you will get as a locksmith technician, will be a broken key extraction. Broken key extraction can be from a door lock of a home or car, trunk of a car, or even the ignition. On a job that I had recently, I called for a broken key extraction from a vehicle's ignition.

The problem was that the key was actually broken off at the tip of it. I could barley see the tip of it in the ignition and struggled for about 20 minutes pushing the wafers back to grab the key tip and extract it. Needless to say, I did not have much luck with it.

After all my efforts with no result, I decided to put the longer portion of the broken key in the ignition. Then I worked my extractor in though the milling on the key far enough to reach the broken tip and pulled them both out. Not only it was very helpful to have the other part from the broken key to help with the extraction, it also made it a lot easier to duplicate another key for the customer. 

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