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Car Opening Tip

Nowadays I noticed that many newer model cars have so-called frame-less windows. Wedging the window like most locksmiths do in order to insert an opening tool to open a car door is risking breaking the window in this type of situation. The use of a wedge puts semi-high pressure along a narrow point of the window edge which increase the chances of breaking it.


On cars with those types of windows, I went into a different method using an auto dent puller. The kind that is like a large suction cup. These pullers are usually very cheap and can be found in any auto parts store in the area. The way I use it, I apply the puller to the back upper area of the window and pulling it gently. Now it give the opportunity to insert a hold open wedge. The wedge would usually be 2 -3 inches wide, made of hard rubber with no sharp corners. Remember, not to wedge the window open too much, so no damage will occur. Not only this method will reduce the risk of damaging the window, it will also allow to put enough pressure in order to pull the window low enough to slide the opening tool through it. 

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