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Volvo Glove Box Lock

With all my years in the locksmith industry I've had much experience with 80's Volvos. I learned that these models have a particular style of glove box lock that has a tendency to fail unexpectedly. I will tell you about an easy way to remove the lock for replacement once they do fail. These particular locks are easily identified by the turn knob that surrounds the key-way. The knob will have a grip, which will be very easy to remove, but the removal will not be absolutely necessary.

Once these locks fail, it is usually as a result from the rear of the cylinder which will be no longer actuating the mechanism that retracts the small latch-bolt that keeps the box closed. The lock in these Volvos' glove box are usually inside a plastic trim. If you take a large pair of Vice-Grips or Channel-Lock pliers and clamp down on the turn knob, you can force the entire lock to turn from 45 to 90 degrees, and simply pull the glove box open. 

The lock is mounted in a D shaped hole, and by turning the lock you will cause the plastic trim that house the lock to "stress". When you turn the lock, you will have to do it gently and not use too much force, so no damage will occur to the plastic trim and the original D shaped holw will keep its original shape to be used for the new lock installation. I've done it on at least 15 or so Volvos during the years. The lock will obviously will need to be replaced, but it should be accessible to purchase from the Volvo dealership.

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