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Accessing Safari and Astro Minivans

I'm sure many experienced technicians in the locksmith industry had some issues before when doing a lockout job for an Astro and Safari mini vans. These vehicles sometimes can be a little challenging to open sometimes from personal experience. However, I did found an easy way that will make a lockout job on these vehicles much easier! This method can be used even on later models that have side door windows with catches that allow the bottom of the window to open up a bit for ventilation. 

 portland-locksmith-safari                                                    portland-locksmith-astro

The way to do it is first locate the two rivets on the outside bottom of the window that connect the inside catches to the window. With your hand, give each rivet a bump directly over the rivet. Make sure that you hit the rivet square on and not the window itself. When you bump it hard enough it "shocks" the inside window catch to the unlocked position, which will make it easier on you to reach in and unlock the vehicle. I usually don't use this method around the customer as it is not the most professional way to do it, but when all else fails, it can be used as a good backup plan.

If I were you, I would keep my eyes open for those types of windows as that style becoming more and more common on other models as well. Another tip for the beginner locksmiths, if you drive a service vehicle with the same type of window catch, you may want to add a more secure type of fastener to those windows in order to prevent unwanted intruders to the vehicle.

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