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DIY Safe

locksmith-reno-padlockI recently got a job from a locksmith company I am working with about a church in the area that were looking to put a locked box just outside the church, so some of the deacons will have an access to the church Master-Key. It seem like the person in charge for some reason didn’t want each one of them to have the Master-Key, but preferred they will have an access to it on site. Once I got to the site, they explained to me they thought about using a box similar to what a Realtor usually use to use, however, I strongly recommended against it as a box similar to that can be easily broken in to.

I did however, recommended them to use a small floor safe which would be slightly modified in order to withstand nature elements. They did not seem to like that idea so much thou since their budget was fairly low. At the same time, they liked the idea and asked me if I could think of a similar alternative that would be less expensive. After brainstorming a little, I came up with a neat idea that would be more like a do-it-yourself type of safe which will give them more security than a locked box and be less expensive than a safe.

master-lock-locksmith-renoThe only things I needed to construct my idea were a pipe, threaded cap, a flange, and a Master Pro Series Padlock. First we chose a spot to construct the improvised “safe”. Then, I created a hole in the ground to stick the metal pipe inside followed by sticking the flange with a large anchor bolts. Then cover 2/3 around the pipe with cement. The final step was threading the cap on top of the pipe which will be locked using the Padlock. The advantage of this improvised safe is that it seem like a some sort of a utility pipe which will deceive unwanted intruders to think there might be something valuable in there such as the key to the church.

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