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Wafer Lock Tip

portland-locksmith-lockAs a professional locksmith technician it seem to me that any other skilled locksmith who is familiar with impressioning will have it easy when dealing with a wafer lock since these types of locks are the most easier ones to fit a first key to by doing impressioning. However, there are some types of wafer locks that will cause very much aggravation and doubt in ones impressioning skills. It is noticeable that these types of locks have deeper wafer in the last position than the usual. Because of that particular design, the deeper wafer seems to prevent the uncut blank key to fully inserted into the key-way and allowing the shoulder to rest on the shoulder stop in the lock. When that situation occurs, there will be good marks forming, but once the key will be made, it will not open the lock.

locksmith-portland-keyUsually, the problem comes from the fact these type of locks have a nose and dust cover that will not allow to see if the shoulder has bottomed out or not. The problem starts when it is not obvious that the blank is all the way in inside the key-way. The only way to tell if it’s inside or not is to try and feel the depths of the key. Meaning, if the key feels like it is moving the tip instead of against the shoulder. If such case leads to believe this is the reason that prevents proper impressioning for the key, there will be a mark noticeable halfway down the ramp.
The solution would be filing on that particular mark. However, it is important to file toward the bow of the key that is in-line with the bottom of the blade. As the filing in progress, you will notice the key will slide slowly into the cylinder while giving the right feel once the key will be all the way in. At this point, the impressioning process can begin until the cylinder will turn.

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