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Nissan Ignition Lock

During my many years in the locksmith business, I received many job calls to replace a C-16 series Datsun and Subaru ignition locks with the X-7 and X-6 key-ways. The locks seem to stop working when the shoulder stop wears away and the key bottoms out past the proper space alignment. One I'm in the process of replacing one of those ignition types, I modify the new cylinder to prevent the problem from happening again and at the same time give the customer the advantage of a conventional shoulder stop and a tip stop.

datson-boise-locksmithI put liquid steel or a similar product in the end of the new plug. I then insert in it just enough to make sure that the tip of the key bottoms out and forms the "<" shaped indentation that is required for the key to butt up against. Next, I will hold the liquid steel in place with my thumb while pressing the proper blank firmly against it until it will turn hard. Once the new tip stop has solidified, I remove the blank and then replace it again just to make sure that all the wafers come to the shearline.  In order to keep the key from catching with the liquid steel, I will spray a blank with WD-40. This quick and fast modification prevents the shoulder wear problem happening again later on and does not require much effort.

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