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Mondeo Lockout Tip

locksmith-boise-ford-lockoutDuring my years as a professional locksmith technician, I rarely ran into European model vehicles made by American automobile manufacturers such as GM and Ford. However, one particular model I recall working on was the Ford Mondeo. When this vehicle first came out in Europe, it was equipped with a locking system that would automatically lock all the locks in the vehicle. One issue I remember having trying to unlock this vehicle was that fact that the doors where shielded and instead of the usual rod mechanism, there were cables that seem to replace that mechanism. At that point it seemed to me that it was almost impossible to unlock it.

boise-locksmith-ford-mondeoAfter a quick check, I came to realize that the locks incorporated into this vehicle were made by Tibbe. Fortunately I had with me a Tibbe lock pick set that I was able to use in order to gain entry to the vehicle. In order to pick these types of locks, a tension would need to be achieved on the #4 disc. The way to reach it is by inserting the pick tool and using it in an up and down movement on the pack of tumblers while moving the other discs into position. After each time of doing this process, going back to try and move the #4 disc will be necessary in order to check if the barrel will going to turn. If there is seem to be more than one #4 each of them would need to be checked after each iteration. Usually, once the other discs will sit in their position, moving the #4 disc will most likely cause the barrel to turn which will eventually open the lock.

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