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Foreign Vehicles Ignition Tip

ignition-spokane-locksmithI that know that many experienced locksmith technicians before me have came up with different ways regarding a  removal of the break-a-way bolts on most foreign car ignitions. However, it seem to me I found a much quicker, simple and effective method to do the procedure  in a way that will allow to re-use the same bolts if required. What I did first was drilling a 532 hole in the center of the bolt, approximately 3/16" deep. Then I used a hammer to drive a T25 Torx bit from a magnetic screwdriver into the hole until it bottoms out. Then i used a 14" wrench, socket or an off set ratcheting wrench in order to remove the bolt in a quick and easy way. 

volvo-ignition-locksmith-spokaneOnce the ignition is ready to re- install, the same bolts could be used to fasten it to the column if a replacement bolts are not available to you. However, Although this method allow you to reuse the original bolts, I recommend using those only in case of emergency when you don't have any other option. If it would be determined to use the same bolts, it would be a good practice replacing them as soon as possible.  If or when the old bolts would be replaced with new ones, the Torx driver will strip out of the hole as it removes the old bolts. In this case, going to the next size driver and forcing it into the hole would be a good idea.

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