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Hyundai Key Make

ignition-reno-locksmithWhen I started my locksmith career I noticed that when fitting a first key for a late 80's Hyundai models, the ignition plug can be pulled out of the housing and the wafers read with little to no difficulty at all. Using the back side of a diamond pick to raise and hold the nylon key buzzer activator up, and a hook pick to release the plug retainer, the plug will pull out of the housing just enough.

Once it is out as far as it can get, begin raking the wafers and apply very little pulling pressure while pulling the plug in your direction. It should come out easily. Both the nylon buzzer activator and the plug retainer are in line with the "K" showing in the word "LOCK"  that is on the face of the cylinder. Once the plug will be out, make sure not to loose any of the wafers, place a blank key,  read the wafers and begin generating a functional key from the readings. This method will be a much faster way  than in a way of  pulling any of the other locks on the vehicle.

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