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95 Altima Lockout

altima-lockout-portland-locksmithI got a call recently from a locksmith company I've been working with to open a 1995 Nissan Altima. Before I left for the job,  sense I haven't opened that type of vehicle before, I tried reading up on some opening tips in my tool opening manual that I had laying around. However,, the manual only showed models up to 1994. I figured that the same procedure would probably be the same for 95 models as well. I used the recommended tool from the manual and tried to catch the bell crank below the lock which didn't go very well. Neither did a Slim Jim type tool that I've used when I tried pulling on the vertical rod.

I discovered that the linkages were protected when I looked  in the door with the inspection light I had on. At the same time I noticed that the bottom edge of the window was only about 2" below the weather strip, so I decided to try  using an under the window tool to open the vehicle. My under the window tool went right under the window (as it suppose to) and inside the car without any issue. I manipulated the lock button and and the door was opened immediately.

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